Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

There are more than 21 billion web pages out there on the internet and everyone is ‘fighting’ to be on page one position one of the major search engines. Search Engine Optimisation is a science in its self and is much more to it than simply changing titles or increasing your backlinks. The SEO marketing community is vast and it is growing every millisecond; you can’t draw restrictions on anyone who is at the digital platform. Every business must make sure that their company’s website is at the top of the world’s best Search Engines. More often than not, you are looking at the Top Ten. Your website needs to show its identity itself from the crowd. If you are listed at 11th position, you are missing out. Clearly, through implementing SEO campaigns, the major aim is to improve the SEO rankings. By hiring a firm for search engine optimization, you will use expertise solution for SEO. This knowledge is would be of no use, without the presence of SEO awareness; it becomes difficult to achieve a desired page ranking which you have been craving for.


We at Center of Digital marketing and communications, impart you with the latest updates in the SEO technology and equip you with a comprehensive understanding of the principles of SEO.

Google regularly updates and with that we assist you to be updated with latest trends and technology. We share with you current industry updates and newsletters that gives you the edge to stay on-the-top always.

Who can join

Digital Marketing is a wide domain and SEO plays a crucial role in the Digital Marketing spectrum. Hence, any student/ working professional who wants to get into a Digital Marketing profile or specifically into SEO should take the course. Generally students from Commerce & I.T. backgrounds opt for the course.


  • SEO Executive
  • SEO Manager
  • SEO Head
  • Digital Marketing Executive/Co-ordinator
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Digital Marketing Head
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