Pay Per Click

Paid advertising has proved itself to be a potent weapon in the digital marketing. When executed correctly, one can drive a variety of metrics - from web traffic, to revenue, to conversion of rates. However, like all digitally things changes very quickly. We have to make sure that our pay-per-click campaigns are effective as it's very important to stay on top of new and changing trends that are occurring in the PPC landscape. PPC ad space has been overpowered by Google for years and it's still the top choice. By staying ahead of trend, you can ensure that the brand stays at the front in the world of pay per click advertising, also making sure that you are¬† able to generate more revenue. Google AdWords is the best choices for a PPC. If you’re concerned about your budget, Ad Words allows you to spend as much and as little as you can. You don’t have to be the highest bidder to get results. As long as the ad is targeted with relevant keywords, it will gain a substantial¬† better Quality Score, which will help determining the usefulness of the keywords.

At Center of Digital marketing and communications, we equip you with every small bit of both technical and strategy skills required for implementing, optimizing and analyzing a successful PPC campaign. This module will focus on How-to setup a Google Adwords campaign, a Bing campaign, Facebook ads, LinkedIn and YouTube ads etc. This will allow you as an advertiser to strategize your online ad campaigns across various networks, create and edit bulk ads, help you analyze your ad campaigns, drive optimum results of your budget, reach maximum audiences and in turn provide you with insights on maximizing ROI from every campaign.

It will also help you create ads that are compelling, persuading and those that prove effective in today’s competitive markets to break the clutter and help your ads travel the distance. It will provide you with detailed knowledge of increasing the click-through-rates (CTR’s), improving the quality scores for your ads, lowering the cost-per-clicks (CPC’s) and more. Also it will take you through the detailed process of Adwords campaign management, planning, implementing, successfully executing and analyzing your online ad campaigns.

Who can join

An individual who is directly/indirectly into Advertising, Marketing, Digital Marketing (any field) or in any other field and wants to pursue a career in online advertising should go for the course.


  • PPC/SEM executive
  • PPC/SEM Manager
  • PPC/SEM Head
  • PPC/SEM analyst
  • Digital Marketing Excutive
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Digital Marketing Co-ordinator
  • Digital Marketing Analyst
  • Digital Marketing Head


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