Become an insta success on Instagram – A master-class on becoming an Instagram influencer

Over 80% of Instagram audiences are connected with a brand on the platform, and the platform has grown significantly, from 200,000 advertisers to 1 million advertisers in one year.

The success of Instagram as an advertiser’s dream come true is reinforced by these statistics that prove the rise of Instagram has not been for nothing.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to make a living using Instagram
  • Entrepreneurs, Freelancers and Business owners who want to monetize their audience on Instagram
  • Anyone who wants to grow their Instagram following, become proficient in marketing tools and be updated with new features
  • People who want to build their personal brands on Instagram and become an Influencer

What you'll learn

  • Make Money with Instagram
  • Convert Instagram followers into Customers
  • Get Sponsors and Paid Partnerships
  • Create and monetize a Personal Brand
  • Contact Sponsors and Brands in Auto Pilot
  • Create consistent themes
  • Post quality content
  • Select targeted hashtags
  • Photo editing
  • Utilize Instagram pods
  • Work with, not against, the Instagram algorithm
  • Use Instagram Stories and bio links creatively
  • Get your followers to take action
  • Figure out the end game for your posts
  • Develop a posting schedule


  • Instagram is one of the most powerful Social Media platforms available so why not make the most of it?
  • In this course, we will cover the most efficient methods you can use to start your Instagram business and how to monetize your Instagram account as an Instagram Influencer
  • We will provide step-by-step instructions on how to grow your Instagram account and how to professionally optimize your profile
  • We’ve packed everything we’ve learned about Instagram along the way into this course, including a proven system for approaching Instagram sponsors and companies to get partnerships and paid jobs including our automated system to send custom emails to thousands of brands per day
  • This course is based on our personal experience and on what we have learnt in the past as Instagram Influencers


  • We have included an exclusive list with of brands that work with influencers on a regular basis saving you hundreds of hours of research
  • We’ll also give you a baseline understanding of the most effective social media practices that are applicable on any platform and how to use them to your benefit